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About our Office


The mission of the office is to provide students an affirming and equitable environment committed to fostering a campus community that celebrates and supports expansion of identities through holistic development, education and intentional engagement.


The office leads the division in creating and sustaining an equitable environment where members of the UNC Charlotte community are welcomed, valued, supported and can show up authentically without systemic barriers.

Definition of Equity

We view equity as both a process and a goal. In order for equity to occur, every individual within each and every social identity needs to have the necessary resources to survive and thrive.  These resources need to be distributed in a way that allows everyone to get the specific things they need to have full access to society. Equity cannot occur without eliminating the systemic barriers that keep power and dominance at play. We need to holistically understand our privileged identities, the power those identities confer us to need to heal the ways we have been impacted by supremacy in our minoritized identities. Equity occurs when white supremacy, patriarchy, cissexism, heterosexism, and other forms of dominance are dismantled.